Database technology has come a long way since Edgar F. Codd proposed the relational model at IBM in 1970. We now have sophisticated database management systems, powerful query languages, and seamless integration solutions for modern applications. Galeva is incredibly excited to take the next step forward.

Galeva was created in response to the hard realities of the modern cloud - unprecedented levels of data breaches, privacy breaches, and a growing number of privacy regulations around the world. Companies cannot afford to keep playing whac-a-mole with data thieves forever.

Galeva's relational structure is implemented logically, while its physical structure is factored. We have worked hard to marry this technology with an API interface that is functional, straightforward, and a joy to use. We hope this results in a smooth and intuitive integration experience.

Above all, we are dedicated to our users. We take this commitment seriously. We are eager to work with you, hear feedback, and deliver exceptional value to you and your organization.

Peter Joy


Joy Moolan


Aby Joy


Benny George

Database Administrator

Sharon Xavier

Lead Developer